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All the noise, noise and noise.

Today on the Bob and Sheri show: Hour 1: Bring on the Jersey Xmas tree. JLo taking him back? Behind the decorating curve. Morons in the news. Hour 2: The decorating of the studio tree. The wheel of Rossi Pasta. Lamar reviews - Moana. Fighting with the neighbors over the lights. Hour 3: Melissa turned the trailer into a Griswold Christmas. Toby's neighbor starts decorating for Christmas in October. Gloria lived next door to the house that Christmas threw up on. The Po Po said No No instead of Ho Ho to Joanna. Hour 4: Lamar reviews - Moana. Class science project goes viral. Paris played the goofy blonde. Gifts for men by men.
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Lamar Reviews - Moana

I haven’t reviewed an animated movie since The Secret Life of Pets and I love animated movies.  And this one actually has characters that are people instead of talking animals.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a talking fish, panda, cocker spaniel, and sports car as good as the next guy, but sometimes a dog…

Holiday lights go off.

Because of a dispute over traffic coming through the neighborhood the Zajac family Christmas light show had to be shut down. Check out this awesome light display that has been turned dark. Christmas This Year.mp4 - Zajac family Christian Christmas display  

Morons: Pet shots!

Today on Morons in the News:

Tanks for slowing traffic.

Make sure to wear the right tshirt to your mugshot.

Speeder crashes while streaming live.

Beaver does a little holiday shopping.

The greatest mugshot ever!

Your holiday job?

Today on the Bob and Sheri Show: Hour 1: Meet Doug the Pug. Taylor tops the list .. Cha Ching! Holiday stress level! Morons in the news. Hour 2: Animals love Santa too. Working on the rig. Your holiday job? Diana hides the holiday pickle. Hour 3: Rebecca makes the holiday pinatas. Leah has to decorate with the kiddies. Jane does all the shopping. Dominic is the Christmas letter author. Hour 4: The passing of the inventor of the Big Mac. Jolene takes center stage. Chicago is the city of fun. A few little tidbits.
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Dolly Parton and Miley sings Jolene.

Dolly Parton and Pentatonix joined Miley Cyrus on stage during Tuesday night's broadcast of the Voice.  Check them out singing Jolene acapella. Dolly Parton, Miley Cyrus and Pentatonix: "Jolene" - The Voice 2016 Dolly Parton, Miley Cyrus and Pentatonix take the stage to sing Dolly's classic "Jolene." " Get The Voice Official App: "…

Animals love Santa too.

Here are a couple of cute animals that are big fans of the holiday.  Meet the dog that got to go see Santa.  Plus a white tailed fawn making friends with a hunter.   Dog Freaks Out When She Meets Santa Kya loves her Santa toy so much she carries it year-round. Now she's gotten…

I just can't wear it.

Today on the Bob and Sheri Show: Hour 1: Time's top of the list. Behind the scenes of the Godfather. Traffic stops the wedding reception. Morons in the news. Hour 2: One more Christmas beer. We want a lemonade stand. Just cause they make it in your size doesn't mean you should wear it. Jim…
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Morons: Too early for the crime.

Today on Morons in the news:

Closing time drives a Moron crazy.

Bait package catches moron stealing from the door step.

Bank robber shows up too early.

One too many leads to his own hit and run.